Publication date: 26/11/2020


Pre-order the inspirational book of life lessons for young people and parents, by England Manager Gareth Southgate

'When working with England, we try to take an approach that focuses on what we might achieve, instead of worrying about what might go wrong.

When you're a young person, the world is a complicated place and those clear goals can be clouded by doubt, anxiety and a lack of self-belief. 

If I can go from a skinny, introverted teenager who was told he wouldn't make it as a player to someone who played and managed his country then I'm clear that 'anything is possible'.

By sharing some of the experiences and lessons from the highs (and lows!) of my career, I hope to be able to help young people to prepare for the journey ahead of them. I've had great fun working on the book and I hope that the young readers - and the older ones - enjoy it.'

Two summers ago at the World Cup, Gareth's inspirational leadership and his 'anything is possible' mind-set helped bring the nation together, leading the England Men's team to one of their best performances at a tournament in decades. Gareth's humble, positive and compassionate style struck a chord with youngsters, parents and people of all ages. Now, in Anything Is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind & Follow Your Dreams, Gareth shares his thoughts on how young people can thrive and achieve their own dreams.

Publisher: Cornerstone 
ISBN: 9781529135329 
Number of pages: 208 
Dimensions: 240 x 156 mm

Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams Gareth Southgate

SKU: 9781529135329