There’s nobody Danny loves as much as his father. Together they live, just the two of them, in a gypsy caravan behind the filling-station that Danny’s father runs. Then, one day, Danny’s father lets him in on a secret, the deep, dark secret of his career as a poacher and his very own secret methods and even promises to take Danny out when he gets older.


Poaching is a dangerous business though, particularly when you’re on the land of the odious, rich landowner, Mr Hazell. Danny and his father find themselves and their livelihoods at risk from the domineering Mr Hazel who likes nothing better than keeping the whole community under his thumb.


Then, as the day of the annual shooting party approaches, Danny comes up with a daring plan to put Mr Hazel in his place but can Danny and his father pull it off and save the day?


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Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

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