Take this magical ambience home with Friends at the Table, the perfect collection of relaxed recipes, whether you're entertaining a group or special someone. Just because you're feeling summery and laid back doesn't mean that your taste buds have gone on holiday. The weather shouldn't be an excuse for throwing any old plate of food together: it should be the reason why you take extra care so the meal can be a memorable one, so try Lunch Al Fresco offerings like grilled squid, chorizo and asparagus salad. Two's Company encourages you to really push the culinary boat out. Dust off those pans, light the candles, snub yet another TV dinner watching Traffic Cops and rustle up an irresistible beef fillet with pea puree and hasselback potatoes! Eating is a communal activity, so in More the Merrier you'll find plenty of ideas for easy sharing plates and small dishes. Finally, catch up with greedy friends and sit down to a banana and chocolate cake or a plate of honey and oat Anzac cookies at Teatime.


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Friends Around the Table: Relaxed Entertaining for Every Occasion Geddes Acland

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