My book is intended as an autobiographical, but essentially sociological, reflection on the path(s) that my life has taken....It's a look back at my life from my now mid-60s position in an attempt to better know and understand just 'who I am'....and who I've been....and become.....and just how I got here. Yes, its personal....of course it is....that's what autobiographies are.....but I hope it's a readily recognisable, and therefore rewarding, read, for all those who take the trouble to read it. As the perceptive Shakespeare wrote in "As you like it"....."One man, in his time, plays many parts....His acts being seven ages"....and my (sociological) autobiography generally follows that seven-age pattern....So, there's (hopefully) something of both relevance and interest for every age. Accordingly, each chapter stands alone, (if you want it to), in looking at a particular 'phase' of my life, as well as (hopefully) painting a more complete picture, and offering that lifelong perspective, for those who see it through to the end.



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My Life...In The Balance by Keith Brocklehurst

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