From a solitary protest in August 2018 to the mobilisation of millions the world over, Greta Thunberg has irrevocably altered the conversation on humanity’s response to climate change.


Impassioned, articulate and determined, her speeches have electrified the world. The clarity of her message and the passion of her delivery have been fundamental in inspiring hers and every generation to sit up, take notice and act to address the most urgent issue that the world faces today. Her indefatigable spirit has won over everyone from scientists and experts such as David Attenborough, who praised her ‘passion’ and ‘insight’, to former US President Barack Obama, who described her as ‘one of our planet’s greatest advocates,’ and cultural commentator Naomi Klein who named her ‘one of the great truth tellers of this or any other time.’


No One is Too Small to Make a Difference documents a seismic political and cultural moment. Collecting Greta’s speeches together in one volume, this timely book lays bare the eloquence and fury that drive a global environmental movement. Calling out disinterested statesmen and marshalling compelling scientific evidence to reinforce her arguments, Greta’s heartfelt speeches frame one of the most significant themes of the twenty-first century so far. This volume is a chance to own a small piece of history: the work of a stirring, visionary leader in the making, whose tireless efforts are a reminder that we all matter, that our voices have power and that it is up to us all to create the change our world so desperately needs.


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No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg

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