I’d like you to imagine the worst people you can think of, can you do that? Good. Then you’re just about ready to meet Mr and Mrs Twits, the nastiest couple you could ever hope (not) to meet.


Mr Twit is so disgustingly hairy he even has hair growing out of his nose and he NEVER washes; his beard is full of all manner of revolting things like mouldy old cornflakes and cheese and he’s pretty nasty to boot. Mrs Twit is no better; she carries a walking stick with which she likes to beat small children and animals and she likes nothing better than to think up nasty tricks to play on Mr Twit.


In fact both Mr and Mrs Twit like to play the worst tricks you can imagine upon each other but one of these days their tricks might just land them in a sticky situation.


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The Twits by Roald Dahl

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