How do you spot a real witch?


Listen carefully and I will tell you. A witch is very hard to spot because most of the time, they look just like ordinary people. Look closely though and you may be able to spot the signs; witches are bald as an egg, although they cover their heads with itchy wigs, they wear gloves to hide the talons they have where fingernails should be and beneath their shoes they hide stumps instead of toes.


Children should beware for what witches hate more than anything is a clean child, they can smell a clean child from a mile away and nothing stinks worse to a witch than a lovely, soapy child. To a witch, you probably smell like dog’s droppings and sewer water.


Now the Grand High Witch has a plan to get rid of every child in England, can anybody stop her?


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The Witches by Roald Dahl

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