Life can throw things at us that seem overpowering, and events might sometimes seem out of our control - but everyone has the power to make a difference. Read 25 inspiring tales of young people who changed - or are still changing - the world. From musical geniuses to environmental activists, Young, Fearless, Awesome is a beautifully illustrated celebration of human passion and courage.

It features modern-day activists and campaigners such as Greta Thunberg, Felix Finkbeiner, Thandiwe Chama and Emma Gonzalez, plus a selection of inspirational heroes from recent history, such as Anne Frank and Claudette Colvin. These inspirational youths stood up for what they believed in, spoke out against injustice, and overcame huge obstacles to make a change. Most importantly, they can teach us how small steps can lead to big changes.

'Be Awesome Like...' sections at the end of every profile, inspired by the young heroes featured, give practical suggestions to readers about how they can show bravery or make a difference in their own daily lives.


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Young, Fearless, Awesome by Stella Caldwell

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